Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Finally did it........I got my LL.B !!!!!!!


I found out today I've passed all my exams so I'm now the proud owner of a University of Edinburgh law degree...........I'm now Janice McLeod LL.B, Bachelor of fab is :O)

On the whole I've enjoyed my time at university......there's been a few ups and downs and I've struggled at times to try to juggle studying, working, being a single mum, making bears and not to mention the financial struggles.....but I'm glad I did it :O)

Now I just need to find myself a job!!!!

What an eventful last couple of months I've had!! After finishing all my essays and exams for uni, I had to get enough bears made for the Teddy Bear Artist Event at Stratford and I have to say what a wonderful weekend I had there :O)

My mum and sister came with me and we went down on the Friday so we could spend Saturday wandering around Stratford soaking up all the sights..........unfortunately it didn't quite work out that way as the weather was terrible (and I stupidly only took my flip flops with me as the weather was quite nice when we left Edinburgh on the Friday!!!!). We stayed at this wonderful guest house called Broadlands.......Jeremy and Tamara were just wonderful, we couldn't have asked for nicer hosts (they even popped along to the civic hall to visit the bears!!).

The fair itself was great fun, it was lovely to meet up with a lot of collectors and other bear artists........the bears on display were absolutely fantastic, there were some really fantastic bears anyone managed to choose just one bear from all the talent on display is beyond me :O)

My table at Stratford

On a different eldest son flew the nest a couple of weeks ago!!! He and his girlfriend have decided to set up home together and I really hope it works out well for him :O) I'm sure a lot of you out there will really tugs at your heart strings when they close that door behind them!!! I'm still finding it really strange not having him around the house.

I'm off to see Take That on their Circus tour on Friday and I'm sooooo excited!!!! Aside from all the fab songs they sing, the show itself is suppose to be quite spectacular. There's a huge mechanical elephant that enters the stage which is meant to be quite a sight to see!!! I'm really looking forward to it :O)

Click here to see the elephant in action

Speak to you again soon :O)



FenBeary Folk said...

Oh how wonderful, huge congrats on your LLB success.

My daughter is just looking into this herself ;)
Beary Hugs

Finleys Welt - Tagebuch eines Bärenlebens said...

Hi Janice, congratulations and a big hug to your bachelor, it´s great ! And your table at cute to see your lovely creations. Hope to see you and your bears at a German fair soon ! Have a nice day, greetings from Germany... Tanni

Emo Bears said...

Congrats on your LL.B!

Marlys said...

A huge congratulations to you on your law degree. You must be so proud of your accomplishments.

Hugs, Marlys

Jigpaws said...

Thank you so much for leaving your lovely comments Sue, Julia and Marlys....I really appreciate them :O)


Laura said...

Hi Janice
Congrats on your diploma! You must feel very proud, as well you should!
You're juggling life beautifully. I don't know how you do it.

soggibottom said...

Huge Congrats on your exams Janice....really, really pleased for you. ALL THAT HARD WORK.
Your table looks rather inviteing and well thought out, bears look beautiful.
As for kids, they never leave.... he will still be back to raid the fridge, trust me| x x x

Pauline said...

Hi Janice, huge congratulation on passing your exams, so worth the hard work and juggling.



babobaer / Barbara said...

Hi Janice!
Congratulation to your bachelor!
Best wishes from a German, which love Scotland so much!!!

Michele Seraphim said...

WOW... congratulations Janice McLeod LL.B!!! Yipppeee for you! I cannot wait to get caught up on your blog and thanks for following in on mine! Hugs for tonight!

Michele Seraphim