Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bear swap

I recently did a bear swap which was organised on Teddy Talk and thought I'd share photos of the bears with you :O)

This is the bear I made for Patty of Swan Valley Bears, his name is Peter:

And this gorgeous little girl was made for me by Patty :O) Her name is Celeste and I'm absolutely thrilled with her!!! This photo was taken by Patty before Celeste began her journey from the USA to Edinburgh. I tried to take piccies myself but my camera decided it wanted to play up today. I'll add more photos of her when I get the chance.

I've signed up to do another swap, this time with a theme - summer flowers - and I'm really looking forward to it, they're so much fun :O)

I can finally get back to bear making this week as that's me now finished uni..........YIPEE, YIPEE, YIPEE :O) I've still got my exams to revise for which are in May but I no longer need to attend any classes so have a lot more free time now.

I'll need to also start making bears for the Teddy Bear Artist Event in Stratford. It's still a couple of months away but you know what it's'll be here before I know it!!! I'm sooooo looking forward to the event. It had rave reviews last year (it's 1st year) with everyone having such a wonderful day. If you want to see what it's all about click on the icon on the right.

Hugs for now :O)



soggibottom said...

Beautiful bear Jigpaws.

Jigpaws said...

Thank you Soggibottom.....I'm glad you like him :O)


Michele said...

Have been watching your blog.. great stuff... beary beary good....
I don't make a bear a day.... why don't others understand... bears just don't happen like that. When I do post a new bear wow, it's a surprise to everyone that I make them..... sigh!
A true artist doesn't churn out bears. honestly!!
Nice to talk bears, with another beary nutcase|